Employment Pathways

Employment Pathways offers free long-term confidential support, including individualised planning and goal setting, job search and placement assistance, and skills development.
Available to: Whānau aged 18+ who are not in school, training or work and are currently registered with WINZ

Family/ Whānau Care (Child & Youth)

Child & Youth services is specifically for Māori whānau living in Waitakere with tamariki / rangatahi aged 0 – 15 years. This programme helps to reduce inequalities and improves health of children and youth, through health education, clinical assessment, health care and quality support and assistance through primary health.
Available to: Māori tamariki and rangatahi aged 0 – 15 years enrolled in the Te Whānau O Waipareira Health Clinic, local Kura Kaupapa or Kura Tuarua networks, Alternative Education Units, Intermediate and Secondary School bi-lingual units and through the Home School network.

Mental Health Child Advocacy

Provides advocacy support and education through an integrated approach, for children who experience mental health issues.
Available to: Whānau within Waitakere and Rodney District as far as South Head with rangatahi aged 14 – 18 years.

Whānau & Support Services for Schools / Truancy

This service supports whānau and schools with tamariki / rangatahi who have truancy concerns. They work with whānau and schools to understand the reasons behind truancy and work to reconnect rangatahi to school or other education pathways.
Available to: Schools and whānau who are experiencing truancy and attendance concerns with tamariki / rangatahi. Note – Referral to this service is through schools and for ages 6 – 16 years.

Edge of Care

Intensive intervention support for Rangatahi for a maximum of 12 months. This service is set up to assist Rangatahi with individual plans and uses a holistic approach to identify the wider needs of the whānau. It helps whānau navigate to integrated services and/or external services. Areas of focus include one-to-one support, Rangatahi focused programmes and Rangatahi engagement in cultural identity.
Available to: Rangatahi aged 10 – 17 years. Referrals are sourced from two organisations: Oranga Tamariki and Whanau School Support Services (TWOWT).

Whānau Ora Rangatahi Services

This service provides additional support for whānau and tamariki/ rangatahi who are engaged with Whānau & Support Services for Schools / Truancy.
Available to: Whānau who have a child/rangatahi engaged on the Whānau & Support Services for Schools / Truancy service and/or whānau who require mentoring / social support for their rangatahi aged 12 -24 years.