For too long, our voices went unheard. But we refuse to be quiet.
This is our vision. This is our home. And this is what it means to be Māori.
Kokiritia i roto i te kotahitanga.


It’s About Time For Māori, But As Usual It’s Not Enough

This years budget is like gold for the naysayers simply because Māori are finally getting what is overdue, a better health system. I would like to […]

Katene Durie-Doherty & His Proud To Be Māori Award Winning Mahi

Katene Durie-Doherty Showcases Waipareira And Proud To Be Māori. We are so proud of Katene Durie-Doherty who presented at this week’s “Best Of The Designers Speak”, […]