Community Cancer Navigator

Community Cancer Navigator Service is a free tautoko/support service that links you with health and community services, Kaumatua and Kui and holistic options, and provides ongoing support by telephone and face-to-face visits.
Available to: Māori aged 16 or older who have been diagnosed with cancer and live in the West Auckland area

Healthy Lifestyles - Nutrition, Exercise and Becoming Smoke Free

The Community Nutrition and CVD (Cardiovascular disease) works with whānau and the wider community providing information and guidance around nutrition, physical activity, becoming smoke free and overall healthy lifestyles.
Whānau wanting to become smoke-free or looking to increase their physical activity in a whānau friendly environment can call 0800 924 942, or go along to the free exercise sessions at Trust stadium on Monday and Wednesday lunchtime 12.30 – 1.30 and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5.30 – 6.30pm. This is for all fitness levels and the whole whānau is welcome.
Available to: Exercise sessions are available to anyone turning up to the Stadium. They have a Wai-Fit Facebook page available for questions and information.
Call 0800 924 942 for information about nutrition and education sessions.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

Cardiac Rehab provides a home-based, culturally responsive cardiac rehabilitation service for individuals who have had a recent cardiac event. Whānau are provided with information and linked to appropriate support services where required.
Available to: Individuals their whānau living in the Waitakere
Referral from GP, Hospital, self-referral, other external services

Community Mobile Nursing

Māori Mobile Nursing service for enrolled adult whānau (mainly Māori) who have lung, diabetes and/or heart disease and requires extra information and support.
Available to: Anyone with unmanaged long term chronic condition (cardiac, respiratory, diabetes) living in the Waitakere area.

Alcohol, Drugs & Addictions Counselling

This a free community based alcohol and drug assessment and consultation service delivered within a kaupapa Māori framework. This programme aims to help whānau by providing them with advice, information and support in recognition of an alcohol and/or drug problem
Available to: Adults 18 years and older living in Waitakere who want to better manage their alcohol, drugs and addiction behaviour.

Adult Advocacy/Peer Support

This service is to deliver a family/whānau support service. Services will be provided by trained family support workers with a significant proportion of staff who have the family/whānau experience of mental illness.
The function of the whānau support service is the provision of information, social and emotional support and advocacy services to the families/whānau/informal carers of mental health Service Users.
Available to: Individuals and their whānau who are impacted by mental illness and live in the Waitakere area.

Whānau Support (Mental Health)

Te Whānau o Waipareira can connect you with home-based mental health support, including care, education, information and advocacy services. Contact us for further info. You must be referred to these services by your GP.
Available to: Whānau who have been diagnosed with a mental health issue and have been referred to support services through their GP

Kaupapa Māori Day Programme

This programme runs 3 days a week and is designed to support tāngata whaiora who have a diagnosis of mental illness on their journey to recovery and reintegration back into society. During the programme tāngata whaiora participate in regular exercise, learn life skills, Tikanga and Kaupapa Māori and strengthen their connection to community networks.
Available to: Māori tāngata whaiora living within Waitakere.

Employment Pathways

Employment pathways is a free service offering long-term confidential support, including individualised planning and goal setting, job search and placement assistance, and skills development.
Available to: Whānau aged 18 and above who are not in school, training or work and are currently registered with WINZ.

Whai Ao

Delivering public health programmes and services based on Te Ao Māori to improve the health of Māori. We work with individuals, whānau and community groups to raise awareness and provide further education about alcohol and drugs, smoking cessation and physical health and nutrition.  If you want more information about these topics and access to these types of services then we can offer support.