Kaiārahi / Navigator Service

Our kaiārahi are located in Whānau House and are available to whānau for walk-ins, queries and where possible help to address an immediate need. Kaiārahi work alongside whānau to understand current needs, look at whānau strengths, develop a plan and navigate whānau into the appropriate services that best fits the whānau and meet goals within the plan. Our kaiārahi can work for up to 12 months with a whānau.
Available to: All individuals and whānau living within Waitakere.

Building Financial Capability / Budgeting Services

This programme supports whānau wanting to better manage their finances and debt. Whānau will be mentored, develop budgets and gain more knowledge around financial literacy and management.
Available to: All individuals and whānau living within Waitakere.

Rongoā Māori

A free mirimiri is available to whānau who feel a mirimiri will support them to improve their health and well-being. This is by appointment only.
Available to: Anyone living within Waitakere.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

Cardiac Rehab provides a home-based culturally responsive cardiac rehabilitation service for individuals who have had a recent cardiac event. Whānau are provided with information and linked to appropriate support services where required.
Available to: Individuals their whānau living in the Waitakere
Referral from GP, Hospital, self-referral, other external services