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WAM4 - The Wai-Atamai Formula

Wai-Atamai, born out of our impoverished communities that over decades have worked to develop and implement game-changers that make a real difference on the ground for families – whānau. Game-changers fuelled by innovation that create the impact that matters most within our communities.

Wai-Atamai is a multi-disciplinary, people centred hub that encompasses Research, Strategy & Innovation, Change & Transformation and a Creative Hub. Prototyping, implementing and evidencing strategies, programmes and tools in the social innovation space is wired into our DNA.

What's Your Future?

A Look into Our Lab

Determinants of Wellbeing

Kia Pū Te Wai o Pareira, is a retrospective study of West Auckland Whānau over 4 generations and the identification of catalysts for their health and wellbeing. The research considers their experiences and challenges, how they have moved from periods of crisis to positions of stability and the catalysts that have prompted these changes.

Understanding, Navigating and Embedding Outcomes For Collective Impact

Three years ago, five organisations came together to work on a collective impact project – #tātou – healthy lifestyles for families. While a common agenda is the basis of moving forward, there must also be agreement on the ways the initiative’s progress will be measured.

The Latest

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