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Wai-Atamai Updates for July

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  • Part 4 of the Social Innovation Journal, Living the Brand from Inside Out, Translating Impact Through Digital Storytelling is now released!
  • Ekosani for Being Kiwícéwákan – Intern Chelsie Parayko’s reflection on her time in Wai-Atamai
  • #MāoriInquiry – Introduction to the Oranga Tamariki inquiry hosted by WOCA

WAM4 - The Wai-Atamai Formula

Wai-Atamai, born out of our impoverished communities that over decades have worked to develop and implement game-changers that make a real difference on the ground for families – whānau. Game-changers fuelled by innovation that create the impact that matters most within our communities.

Wai-Atamai is a multi-disciplinary, people centred hub that encompasses Research, Strategy & Innovation, Change & Transformation and a Creative Hub. Prototyping, implementing and evidencing strategies, programmes and tools in the social innovation space is wired into our DNA.

What's Your Future?

A Look into Our Lab

Valuing the Impact for Taitamariki and Mental Health Wellbeing

Value Creation by Taitamariki: Social Return on Investment, is a forecast report which aims to prevent mental health illness amongst young people who have been exposed to drugs and alcohol, by building resilience and stronger support networks.

Whānau Wellbeing & Collective Impact. Emerging Trends of Success

Three years ago, five organisations came together to work on a collective impact project – #tātou – healthy lifestyles for families. Measuring trends is important for determining the progression towards achieving long term outcomes.

The Latest

Insights and Perspectives Arising From Research and Practice Across Te Whānau o Waipareira

Waipareira Social Innovation Journal Pt 4 Out Now!

Ekosani for being Kiwícéwákan!


Wai-Atamai Launch, April 2019