Break Away Holiday Programme

Break Away Holiday Programme is a free school holiday programme that runs twice a year. The first programme is after the first term and timing for the second programme varies. Each day commences at 9am finishing at 3pm.
Available to: Rangatahi aged 11-17 years

Family/ Whānau Care (Child & Youth)

Child & Youth services is specifically for Māori whānau living in Waitakere with tamariki / rangatahi aged 0 – 15 years. This programme helps to reduce inequalities and improves health of children and youth, through health education, clinical assessment, health care and quality support and assistance through primary health.
Available to: Māori tamariki and rangatahi aged 0 – 15 years enrolled in the Te Whānau O Waipareira Health Clinic, local Kura Kaupapa or Kura Tuarua networks, Alternative Education Units, Intermediate and Secondary School bi-lingual units and through the Home School network.

Mental Health Child Advocacy

Provides advocacy support and education through an integrated approach, for children who experience mental health issues.
Available to: Whānau within Waitakere and Rodney District as far as South Head with rangatahi aged 14 – 18 years.

Rangatahi Structured Programmes

These programmes are aimed at rangatahi who are at-risk and struggling between the ages of 12 to 18. Our programmes empower and promote positive social engagement, values, behaviour and life-skills.
Available to: 12 to 18 years living in Waitakere.

Ngā Kawa o Tangaroa Dive Programme

Ngā Kawa o Tangaroa dive programme is delivered in 10 sessions and provides an opportunity for rangatahi to connect more with their culture, while learning and participating in traditional practices around kaimoana (seafood).
Available to: Rangatahi aged 13-24 years of age living in Waitakere.

Whānau & Support Services for Schools / Truancy

This service supports whānau and schools with tamariki / rangatahi who have truancy concerns. They work with whānau and schools to understand the reasons behind truancy and work to reconnect rangatahi to school or other education pathways.
Available to: Schools and whānau who are experiencing truancy and attendance concerns with tamariki / rangatahi. Note – Referral to this service is through schools and for ages 6 – 16 years.

Whānau Ora Mentoring Services

This service provides additional support for whānau and tamariki/ rangatahi who are engaged with Whānau & Support Services for Schools / Truancy.
Available to: Whānau who have a child/rangatahi engaged on the Whānau & Support Services for Schools / Truancy service and/or whānau who require mentoring / social support for their rangatahi aged 12 -24 years.