Whānau Centre

Whānau Centre is a collective of businesses and service providers working together on the same waka towards supporting and nurturing healthy whānau.

Our Whānau Centre partners include:

1. Physio Absolute
2. Smile Dental
3. Origin Health Clinic
4. Columbus Coffee
5. Drake New Zealand
6. Unichem – Waiora Community Pharmacy
7. Work and Income

Ngā Pou o Te Whare o Waipareira is the group that represents all the providers based at Whānau Centre to ensure an effective Collective Impact approach for achieving the best outcomes for whānau.

#Tātou is a unique programme in place to support whanau to improve their health, wellbeing and health literacy. As a place based Collective Impact initiative #Tātou works collaboratively with partners combining the services and skills offered throughout Whānau Centre to achieve outcomes for whānau on two broad objectives, to support whānau improve their health and wellbeing (with a focus on obesity) and, to improve collaboration and health literacy in the Whānau Centre.

Two years into this journey has seen a number of key learnings and reflections documented. These publications articulate partner and whānau progress looking at the broad objectives around health and wellbeing as well as more defined indicators.

Stay tuned as we continue to update progress along the way.

#tātou Voices

#tātou represents a collaborative effort of health and social services providers in West Auckland who share a common agenda of improving the health and wellbeing of our community, with a particular focus around the issue of obesity.
Over two years #tātou Kaiārahi engaged with 264 West Auckland whānau; #tātou Voices is a small attempt at representing the many courageous and often life-changing stories of the #tātou whānau.
Cover tatou voices

Ngā Pou o Te Whare o Waipareira - The Whānau Centre Collective Impact Initiative #tātou - Whānau Centre Health Needs Assessment

This health needs assessment was commissioned as part of the #tātou Collective impact initiative. This health needs assessment is useful in identifying the high and complex needs of whānau accessing services at Whānau Centre and can be used to inform funding and service design decisions.

Ngā Hua o #tātou Understanding, Navigating and Embedding Outcomes for Collective Impact Part 1

This report highlights measurement frameworks as essential element in Collective Impact and the need for flexibility to adapt as the Collective Impact process evolves over time.

Ngā Hua o #tātou - Emerging Trends of Success Whānau Impact Part 2

Infographic about the impact #tātou is making with whānau against key indicators and towards the main objectives.

Ngā Hua o #tātou - Navigating Whānau to Healthy Lifestyles Whānau Impact Part 3

One of the biggest challenges of a Collective Impact (CI) initiative is to bring together its strengths to translate its shared vision to action. As a workforce we constantly need to think about our work as part of a larger context and consider how our contribution fits into the larger puzzle of activities.

A key strength of our Whānau Centre CI initiative, #tātou, is its workforce and the talent and expertise they bring. This is the third installment of our #tātou series where we hope groups can learn and leverage off our experience, and in particular our Whānau Centre Navigators.

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