Te Kura Nui o Waipareira Journal

Our People, Our Voices, Our Journeys

Call for Submissions for Issue 2, 2018

“Manaakitanga – Nourishing and providing for the needs of our people and our communities, upholding the values and principles of Te Ao Māori”

Mission Statement

Te Kura Nui o Waipareira shares new insights and perspectives arising from research and framed by a values-based practice enhancing the mana of whānau, hapū, iwi and hapori across Aotearoa.

The journal will uphold and explore the principles of whanaungatanga, aroha, wairuatanga, pōhiri, te reo Māori, tautoko, kawa, whakapapa, manaakitanga and kotahitanga through the diverse voices of practitioners, researchers, and whānau.

“The stars are a metaphorical reference to the dreams, aspirations and long-term goals that whānau have identified as having particular importance to them. Each star is a symbolic reference to each navigational plot point for each successive part of the collective journey that whānau will embark upon.”


The impetus for Te Kura Nui o Waipareira—Our People, Our Voices, Our Journeys is to share new insights and perspectives arising from research and provider activity across Aotearoa (New Zealand).

It is intended that this journal will be a source of community-relevant research to further inform potential future research. In the first issue there are articles reflecting on indigenous practice, case studies from the frontline and also from partners working within the Whānau Ora sphere.

The cover imagery of the Matariki star constellation is a connection to ancient Māori navigational traditions, whereby the stars and planets were used as guiding points to steer Māori ancestral voyagers towards their eventual destination – just as this first issue of Te Kura Nui o Waipareira is a starting point for navigating and recording the experiences of whānau, providers and researchers.

Te Kura Nui o Waipareira aims to forge new connections and new exploration or research to benefit whānau. In this respect, Te Kura Nui o Waipareira further enables the initiation of in-depth conversations across the wider Māori community around some of the key themes and outputs arising from research and practice.

Te Kura Nui o Waipareira is an open access, internet-based journal series, as well as being available in limited print copies.

For all inquiries please contact- Tanya.Allport@waiwhanau.com

Issue 1: ‘Whanaungatanga - Connecting Whānau and Communities’

Editors: Professor Meihana Durie – Massey University , Dr Tanya Allport – Te Whānau O Waipareira

Mā te rongo, ka mōhio; Mā te mōhio, ka mārama; mā te mārama, ka mātau; Mā te mātau, ka ora!

Through resonance comes insight; through insight comes understanding; through understanding comes knowledge; through knowledge comes life and well-being!