Te Whānau o Waipareira constantly looks up and out for game changers and disruptors. Disrupting, innovating and orchestrating for social change for whānau is at the heart of Insight to Innovation to Impact. Leading dialogue nationally and globally on models and mechanisms that support change on the ground is what drives us. Key for our game changers, is developing, testing and implementing new ideas and programmes that are underpinned by research, along with measuring outcomes that whānau have prioritised.

Insight to Innovation to Impact has 3 core areas:

  1. Insight & Foresight
  2. Strategic Innovation
  3. Innovation and Road Mapping

These core areas are achieved through the following streams:

  • Wai-Research
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Change & Transformation

Director of Social Impact and Innovation discusses our integrated model of care demonstrating how outcomes and impact are developed from the ground up within a Whānau Ora framework.