The fruits of 30 years – a less equal society

What were – and are – the major drivers behind the major wealth redistribution that has occurred over 30 years across OECD countries? The policies that […]

Peters right to pursue leak in court

It’s remarkable how we can all look and hear someone say or conduct themselves and come away with hugely varying understandings. Of course much of this […]

It’s time to talk about inequality

There’s a global conversation raging over the massive growth in inequality and poverty. At home, that conversation is being led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who […]

Love him or loathe him, Winston Peters is now (well, soon to be) Prime Minister

Love him or hate him, vote for him or against him, either way, on June 16, Winston Peters will finally achieve the role of Prime Minister […]

Where’s the money for Māori, Jacinda?

The Government has a major problem on its hands in light of the settings announced in the Budget because Māori issues are both manifest and intergenerational. […]

Saving Bob’s Bunker

We need to thank Westie councillors Penny Hulse and Linda Cooper for saving Bob’s Bunker from the chopping block. In its wisdom, the council has decided […]

I’ve had enough of faceless well-paid bureaucrats

Who delivers government policy and who is really accountable? The work life expectancy of an average Member of Parliament in New Zealand is 6 years. The […]

Where do our rates go? With the council, you never know

Everywhere you look in this country you are slapped by taxes. If you were to add all of central government’s hidden taxes like car registrations, Warrants […]