China Is Not Our Problem, Being Easily Led Is.

Stop criticising the alleged naivety of our Pacific and Melanesian whānau as they enter into possible trade agreements with China, it’s none of our business. This […]

Joseph Hawke Leaves Behind A Legacy For Us All.

Joseph Parata Hohepa Hawke (MNZM) was the face of new resurgence in lifting the way Māori viewed themselves and what they were capable of. The 1970s […]

It’s About Time For Māori, But As Usual It’s Not Enough

This years budget is like gold for the naysayers simply because Māori are finally getting what is overdue, a better health system. I would like to […]

We Won’t Be Stopped Trying To Build Social Houses For Everyone.

It costs nothing to say when you are wrong, unless you are a bureaucrat with the taxpayers credit card. Over the coming weeks you are going […]

Take The Time To Appreciate Your Mum.

There are many moments during the year that are cause for reflection and one that is especially poignant for me is Mother’s Day. We are all […]

Why Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford Are Being Cruelly Trolled

Right now you and I are witnessing one of the nastiest things ever seen in our political landscape, and that’s a fairly hefty call to make. […]

Why Is Our Desire For Self-Governance Viewed As Separatism?

March 31, 2022 More often than not when an indigenous person puts their hand up saying, “Hey what about me, remember me?” they are immediately defined […]

When It Comes To Our COVID Numbers, I Smell A Rat!

The hallmark of a working democracy is to entertain a debate without fear and without favour.  Right now everyone has an opinion on why we are […]