Racism – Kiwi-Style

It is fair to say that racism in New Zealand is not as crude and as brutal as that which plays out on indigenous communities in […]

The Price of Citizenship: Te Utu Raraunga

In 1943, Sir Apirana Ngata wrote: Nō te 1943 (Tahi mano iwa rau whā tekau mā ono), i tuhi a Tā Apirana Ngata “We will lose […]

Māori Response to Covid-19

CEO John Tamihere discusses the Māori response to the Covid-19 outbreak, including how Te Whānau o Waipareira has been reorganised to provide the best support to […]

Tāmaki Regeneration contract a major milestone for Waipareira

In 2013, when Te Whānau o Waipareira launched its 25 Year Strategy, we had aspirations to be a local, regional, national and international leader in lifting […]

Westies shouldn’t pay for their neonatal unit twice

You will appreciate that as a community advocacy group, Whanau Waipareira has consistently stood up for a better range of services into the west Auckland district, […]

Milestones that shaped our nation

My cohort of friends and colleagues born between the years of 1955 and 1965 have all crashed through the half century mark with me and are […]

New Zealand First’s talk of NZ values prompts thinking

Regularly the notion of determining, and therefore defining, what a New Zealander is, raises its head in regard to political leadership. It is a very fair […]

Kīngitanga movement commands huge respect from all Māori

The Maori Monarchs Pōtatau Te Wherowhero: 1858–1860 Tāwhiao: 1860–1894 Mahuta Tāwhiao: 1894–1912 Te Rata Mahuta: 1912–1933 Korokī Mahuta: 1933–1966 Te Ātairangikaahu: 1966–2006 Tūheitia Paki: 2006 – […]