What’s In A Name?

This term “what’s in a name” is attributed to William Shakespeare, and in Māori terms, names and words are meaningful and have impact. There is a […]

Working On The Vaccination And Covid Testing Lines

I write this column as a tribute to the thousands of essential workers that break their bubble to stand up front line services including Covid Testing […]

Unpacking race based politics

Everyone knows that the politics of race can, has, and will impact on the mood and sentiment of voters heading to the polls. In a previous […]

Judith, Talk To Us Not About Us

Judith Collins has spent a lot of money and effort in defining a national debate. A debate commenced while she was a senior Cabinet Minister. A […]

Racism – Kiwi-Style

It is fair to say that racism in New Zealand is not as crude and as brutal as that which plays out on indigenous communities in […]

The Price of Citizenship: Te Utu Raraunga

In 1943, Sir Apirana Ngata wrote: Nō te 1943 (Tahi mano iwa rau whā tekau mā ono), i tuhi a Tā Apirana Ngata “We will lose […]

Māori Response to Covid-19

CEO John Tamihere discusses the Māori response to the Covid-19 outbreak, including how Te Whānau o Waipareira has been reorganised to provide the best support to […]

Tāmaki Regeneration contract a major milestone for Waipareira

In 2013, when Te Whānau o Waipareira launched its 25 Year Strategy, we had aspirations to be a local, regional, national and international leader in lifting […]