What’s gone wrong in the West?

On one hand, Westies have to be happy with the investment that has gone into New Lynn and Westgate. However, the problem with that investment is […]

Waipareira AGM Results 2018

Waipareira thanks Clint Rickards Waipareira chair Ray Hall has acknowledged and thanked outgoing board member Clint Rickards for his service to the west Auckland whānau. At […]

Urban Māori The Second Great Migration Launched in Parliament Today

Urban Māori The Second Great Migration Bradford Haami Today in parliament Hon.Willie Jackson, Minister for Employment and Associate Minister for Māori Development sponsors the book launch […]

National’s Political Beauty Parade

If you haven’t already heard, the National Party is holding a leadership lottery. Much like the TV programme Married at First Sight, it features five possible […]

Brash’s mokopuna will be defined by their Maoritanga

I got to thinking about Waitangi Day, biculturalism and our national day when I dropped my youngest son – who is travelling to the UK for […]

Our People, Our Voices, Our Journeys

Call for Submissions for Issue 2, 2018 “Manaakitanga – Nourishing and providing for the needs of our people and our communities, upholding the values and principles of Te […]

Marae protocol and baby bumps

A couple of matters have caused some furious debate over the past 10 days and they both concern our newly elected Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The […]

Loan sharking or legalised theft

I want to address two matters of significance to our community, because whilst they may seem separate, there is a connection. The first are low-life loan […]