Youngatira: A Film Festival By Our Future Rangatira

“Film and Social Media are seen as the future. For our rangatahi, they understand this is the world they live in.” – Youngatira Mentor, Jana Nee […]

Where’s the money for Māori, Jacinda?

The Government has a major problem on its hands in light of the settings announced in the Budget because Māori issues are both manifest and intergenerational. […]

Saving Bob’s Bunker

We need to thank Westie councillors Penny Hulse and Linda Cooper for saving Bob’s Bunker from the chopping block. In its wisdom, the council has decided […]

I’ve had enough of faceless well-paid bureaucrats

Who delivers government policy and who is really accountable? The work life expectancy of an average Member of Parliament in New Zealand is 6 years. The […]