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Catalysts for Whānau stories

Monday, October 30, 2017


Whānau o Waipareira has today launched two new research publications.

Kia Pū Te Wai O Pareira – Catalysts of Whānau Health and Wellbeing in West Auckland is the 18-month study into Catalysts of Health research and Kia Pu te Wai o Pareira – He Korero a Whānau, is from the whanau in their own words.

Kia Pu te Wai o Pareira provides firsthand accounts from the 23 whānau spanning three different generations, who participated in the research.

These whānau discuss the origins of West Auckland Urban Māori, the importance of Hoani Waititi Marae and birth of Waipareira.

“This report allows us to pay tribute to those who played an important part in shaping our community,” one whanau told researchers.

“We get so busy we forget what we have collectively done to get here. So it’s important that we reflect on these things and to see how much we have achieved.”

Another whanau added: “It’s holding on to who we are as our own identity. That’s the only way we can allow our tikanga to continue to live and be proud of who were are. There’s such beautiful history around Te Whānau o Waipareira.”

And a third said: “Our aspirations for our whānau is that they will be a shining light to someone within their community, that they can share a little bit of that light with any whānau that asks, and that our family will always remain strong. Hoping that we’ve lead them properly to become our future leaders. Strong to who they are and strong to their tikanga.”

This report is a major milestone for Waipareira as documenting the story of the organisation was a key objective in their 25-year strategic plan.

“In order to really understand where we are going, we must first understand how we got here”, said Georgina Martin, a researcher involved with the project.

Waipareira CEO John Tamihere said that the report was significant.

“Today, every kaimahi stands upon the shoulders of the many generations of our whānau that have stood before them; whānau that have worked tirelessly in the hopes of building an environment in which future generations of our community can flourish. Without these whānau dedicating themselves to this organisation, and this community, none of what we have accomplished today would be possible.”

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