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ACC welcomed into our Waipareira whānau

Whānaungatangā is a big part of who Waipareira is! And developing relationships is one of the values that Waipareira embodies. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Waipareira and government body Accident Compensation Corporation was signed marking the beginning of a relationship that will develop for the betterment of our community.

Waipareira Chair Raymond Hall said this was a very significant occasion for Waipareira, “These Memorandum of Understandings are partnerships, and for them to be of benefit for whānau, there has to be participation and consideration by both sides,” Mr Hall said.

ACC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Scott Pickering, said ACC is looking for solid, long-term partnerships and Waipareira is well placed to help the Crown Agency reach its goals in regards to supporting Māori, “We (ACC) are thrilled to partner with Waipareira, as this is one of the many partnerships we hope to establish to help improve injury prevention,

care, recovery outcomes and better experiences for Māori”.

Mr Pickering was very clear of what he envisions the partnership will mean for whānau stating, “ACC is focused on transforming the organisation to ensure the customer is at the heart of everything we do, including being more culturally responsive to Māori!”

Waipareira CEO, John Tamihere welcomed ACC into the Waipareira MOU whānau joining with other MOU partnerships including Microsoft, Medtech, Waitematā District Health Board, Massey University, Atlanta-based indigenous organisation, Families First and Regroupment des Centres d’amitiea utochones du Quebec (RCAACQ) in Canada.

“These relationships are created to support advancement for whānau, Waipareira does not dwell on statistics good or bad. We prefer to support and help make changes for the good of whānau and our MoUs are made strategically to implement that,” he said.

Wai-Research launched

Waipareira has launched its own research unit – 18 years after the idea was first floated. Waipareira Chief Executive Officer John Tamihere said the intelligence and information gathered by Wai-Research will validate the work Waipareira does in the community.

“We have struggled to get research that evaluates, measures and informs, in a timely rather than historical way, where we are heading to either mandate or inform why we should change conduct,” Mr Tamihere said.

“Society and the community is moving in a very dynamic way and the provision of health, welfare and education has to be as dynamic. “This intelligence cannot be captured by the providers or bureaucrats.”

Mr Tamihere said Waipareira made a bid in 1996 to establish a community-based research centre. The government of the day instead decided they would be better served by units at Otago, Canterbury, Victoria, Massey and Auckland Universities.

“There was never a bridge built out to the community (from the Universities) and what Te Whānau O Waipareira provides is the ability to build on very robust research capability,” he said.

“The launch of the Research Centre, albeit almost 20 years after the fact, shows if you persevere, things will work out for your community.”

The Wai-Research team is headed by Edith McNeil – Director of Wai-Research, along with Dr Tanya Allport and Dr John Huakau.

Supporting Wai-Research is its long-term partnership with Massey University. A partnership which was formalised by a Memorandum of Understanding 2 years ago.

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