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I’m a solo mum with two kids aged two and four. I started with Waipareira with my youngest. She was about three months old when I came along; because I come from Helensville, the Kaipara area.

The services have helped me a lot because I didn’t know anything or anyone around here, and what was available for support until I went under Waipareira. Being a solo mum I’ve needed that support and it’s been really helpful to get the kids through to where they are now.

I started when I got discharged from my midwife and she told me about Te Haa o Oranga, instead of Plunket, as an option. So I took that option and that’s how I came under Waipareira and from that I went on to do Parents As First Teachers and then Maria would refer me onto all these different services: I did PPP, joined the playgroup Poipoia, Māmā and Pepī, mirimiri, EPE and Incredible Years

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PAFT offers hands on support and
guidance for parents and caregivers,  to help understand your child’s development, and to also gain  confidence in parenting.

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Do you feel unsafe in your relationship or know whānau who live in fear? Waipareira is working towards a violence free community. Kia kaha whanau – Speak Up. Korero mai kia matou! Call Waipareira today.PH 0800 924 942


Hei oranga Pai Mo to Manawa is a free home-base heart rehabilitation programme. If you've suffered a heart attack, angina or have heart problems, then this programme is just for you. If you want to improve your lifestyle, contact Waipareira now.


The Incredible Years Training
Programme provides affordable, early
prevention support that families and
teachers of young children can use to
promote social, emotional, and academic

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